Renting a car or motorcycle in Africa

Jinka in Ethiopia

The African sun is setting behind a man on a motorcycle in Jinka, Ethiopia

Under the tropical sun in Africa a motorcycle is not a bad choice as your vehichle because the wind can lower the temperature on your body and in perfect conditions, riding a motocycle usually brings a big smile on the riders face.

But there’s a few things to take into consideration before setting out on the African dusty and potholed roads. When renting a car or a motorcycle in Africa you should first check with the authorities that your drivers license is valid as in quite a few African countries an international drivers license is needed. Also you should check the mechanical condition of the vehicle being offered and ensure with the owner that some sort of insurance will cover any damages. The price should always be negotiated before you depart and if there are small scratches and marks on the motorcycle or car, be sure to remind the owner of these before setting out, so that no claims can be held against you when returning the vehicle. Also one should keep in mind, that traffic and driving in third world countries can be a bit more challenging than in the West. Traffic lights may be missing and people have different ways of driving and there can be big potholes in the roads without any warning. Finally, just finding your way can sometimes be a bit problematic as there are few signs and not everyone speaks english. Obviously, going to a national park on a motorcycle is prohibited most places.

This is why the majority in Africa ends up driving in a car of some sort. Cars are much safer than motorcycles too and you can bring much more luggage with you on a safari or longer distances. Always check with locals if a four-wheel drive vehichles is needed. Also a local driver and a cook can be hired to make your safari smooth and troublefree and keeping focus on all the wildlife instead of spending time cooking and putting the tents up.

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