Going by minibus

If you travel by local transport in- and around the cities and bigger towns it is usually very cheap. The main transportation devices in most African cities and towns are busses (in kenya called Matatus) – Nissan or Toyota 12-14 seater minibusses, that will take you almost anywhere within the city limit for less than a dollar.

Local transportation in Africa

Long rows of Toyota- and Nissan minibusses awaits to be filled with passengers at the central bus terminal in Kampala, Uganda. Photo © Mikkel Alexander Grabowski

On some longer journeys there are also the option of getting a seven seater taxi, which is a bit more expensive than a Matatu but you will have your own comfortable seat and since it only takes seven people, it won’t take as long as a matatu to fill up with passengers (The matatus will only leave when full).

The bus terminal in Kisumu from where minibusses depart to all smaller towns in the provincial region

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