Balloon Safari

A balloon safari is probably one of the most exotic and romantic ways of seeing the wildlife and in Masai Mara Game Reserve and in Amboseli National Park it is possible to get a chance to silently fly above the savannah, watching the wildlife beneath you as the sun rises.

Gas burners are used to heat the air inside the balloon

As the course the direction of the balloon as well as the altitude to a high degree is determined by the wind and so it can be a bit difficult to make an “itenerary” in advance. Hence, from a photographers point of view, it can be a bit “hit and miss” taking photos from a balloon – especially if one wants to photograph the unpredictable wildlife on the plains. Yet one can be sure to get some great views of the landscape and it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

In Kenya tours can be booked in advance online or at some of the bigger lodges. In the Masai Mara that would be Keekorok or Mara Serena Lodge, and it will cost around 400 USD pr. person for a 2-3 hour flight.

Two balloons slowly gaining height over the Mara just before dawn

The elevation of hot air balloons is controlled by just the right combination of air temperature inside the balloon and sacks of sand to act as counterweight. The wind controls the direction and speed of the balloon.

Watching the sun rise over Masai Mara from a balloon is a truly breathtaking and once-in-a lifetime experience

After landing a luxurious breakfast is served as a picnic on the savannah and the exquisite endeavour is properly celebrated with a glass of champagne.

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