Addis Ababa

Bus station in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia
Bus station in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa means New Flower – it is the capital of Ethiopia and the city has a population of about 4,5 mio people. Addis Ababa is located at an altitude between 2,200m and 2,600m above sea level so the air is quite thin, the sun is strong and at night it can get very chilly and windy at certain times of the year.

Addis Ababa was founded around 1885, when Negus Meneliks’ queen Tai ordered a small city built in a place that was previously called Finfinni. Addis Ababa was recognized when Menelik in 1993 chose the city as residency, which it was until the monarchy was abandoned in 1975.

Addis Ababa is also known as “The political capital of Africa” as it is widely known for having several international organizations present in its territory. The new headquarters of the African Union (AU) funded by the Chinese is found in Addis Ababa and many NGO’s have offices in Addis too.

The biggest market in Africa

There is a big market place in Addis; actually the biggest market in all of Africa, it’s called Merkato. You can find anything there new or cheap used stuff to more expensive brand new items. Also there is Edna mall, Dambel city-center, Friendship city-center and others. There are more than six cinemas in Addis. Amharic Alem cinema, Ethiopia Cinema, Matti Multplex cinema is a three purpose built cinema complex at Edna Mall beside Bole Medihanealem Church.

Addis Ababa City Hall Cinema is located at the center of Piazza in front of St. Giorgis Church around Menilek Square. It is inside the building of the City Municipality Tel: 0111 559873 Kebele: 02 Piazza Postal Address: P.O.Box 22969, Ambassador Cinema it’s around Ethiopia Hotel, Sebastopol Cinema; inside Addis Ababa Exhibition Hall there are more than three Theaters. The National Theater is around Bahrawe. Ethiopians have a more than four hundred years old tradition for theater and staged performances. Nowadays film and cinema seem to be a strong competitor for attention from the younger generations.

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Restaurants in Addis Ababa

aerial view of Addis Ababa
aerial view of Addis Ababa - the capital of Ethiopia

You can find easy restaurants and café in city different country’s dish: Amsterdam Bar & Restaurant it’s one of the best European restaurant in addisit’s found behind Bole Mini café; Bombay Brasserie it’s India cuisine near Meridian Hotel; there is a place for Caribbean and African cuisine it’s called Caribo Restaurant the address is Sar Bet area (Mela Building); Castelli the top Italian Restaurant Pasta, grilled fish, chicken and more it’s around Piassa; German food and beer German Restaurant; Loti a French cusine specialist it’s found Ethio-China Road, Berta Bldg, Wello Sefer; Rainbow Korean restaurant Korean specialty restaurant Bole Rewands, near the Japanese Embassy.

Abesha Restaurant Bole Road, near Sabit Bldg; Asqual Ethiopian Traditional Restaurant in Front of DH Geda Tower, Bole Road Bonne Annee Best known for Ethiopian traditional Shiro (curry) and Tibs (grill). Ensera Traditional Restaurant Wehalimat-Atlas road, near Nyala Insurance; Enset Restaurant the place for Kitfo and Gomenbesega Meskel Flower Area; Eyhoa Traditional Restaurant one of the newest Ethiopian Traditional Food restaurants in Addis Wollo Sefer, next to Felix Supermarket; YOD Abyssinia there is two locations: Bole Medhaniyalem area next to Brass Hospital and Sar Bet in Front of Ethio Telecom. Cafes, restaurants, bookstores and children play ground are all there.

Getting around in Addis Ababa

There is several means of transportation in Addis Ababa. The cheapest one by minibus costs from 1 Birr 40 cents up to 3 birr 80 cents (0,2 USD) and and most locals use it to commute across the city. The minibusses don’t leave at a specific time, they leave when they are full so sometimes you will have to wait for the bus to depart. Also there are small blue Lada taxis. Ladas are the more expensive option and the price for a 2-3 km trip is typically around 70 Birr (4 USD).

Blind man in the street of Addis Ababa
Blind man in the street of Addis Ababa