Kenya’s South Coast

Coconut palms at Diani beach in South Coast
Diani beach in Kenya's South Coast is famous for it's serene white beaches of the finest coral sand and lots of coconut palms swaying in the wind

The south coast of kenya is world reknowned for its excellent white sand beaches that looks like a perfect tropical picture postcard. From Mombasa you cross the creek with the ferry and soon you will come to Tiwi beach which is a nice beach with the possibility to rent chalets and even pitch a tent.

Further down the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya located just 30 kilometres south of Mombasa, in the nearby Kwale County you find Diani Beach which is a major beach resort and in Diani in particular you will find a wide array of upper class hotels such as Jadini Beach Hotel, Leopard Beach hotel, Africana Sea Lodge, The Sands at Nomad, Diani Sea Lodge and many more.

The beach at Diani is about 10 kilometres long, from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south. The water remains shallow near shore, with some underwater sandbars near the surface which allow wading with a clear view of the sandy bottom. Only 2 kilometres from the beach is the town of Ukunda, with a population of around 100,000 inhabitants. A small airstrip is located between the beach area and the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road.

Shimoni and Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

Further down the coast is Shimoni – a small village with a nice beach where you will find Pemba Channel Lodge and Shimoni Reef Lodge – both known for their high class (and prices) as well as excellent set out points for deep sea fishing. Many of IGFA Kenya, All Africa and World Records are obtained here.

Shimoni is known for its British colonial ruins and slave caves which are the focus of attraction for several community-based projects. In addition, the Shimoni forest, coast, and marine ecosystems are an ever-present attraction. But maybe the biggest attraction is the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park off the coast just behind Wasini island. Shimoni’s tourist attractions include scuba diving centers such as Pilli Pippa and Paradise Divers (located in

Dhow at Kisite-Mpunguti National Park
Dhow anchoring at Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park in southern Kenya where the coral reefs, the marine life and visibility is top notch for both diving and snorkeling
Snorklers at Kisite Mpunguti
Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is an amazing place to snorkel and dive to see the abundant marine life