Central Highlands

The Central Highlands is the most densely populated and intensely cultivated region in kenya and home to one of the biggest and historically most influential tribes in Kenya, the Kikuyus.

The Central Highlands are mostly green and lush and together with Western kenya it is the bread-basket of kenya

The highlands form the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and the Aberdare massif is only 1 1/2 hours drive from Nairobi besides from being the primary source of water for the capital, it is great for trekking and it has some great lodges to spend the weekend.

Thompsons Falls in Nyahururu
Thompsons Falls in the central highlands is a popular stop over for tourists en route to northern Kenya

Just 80 km further northeast lies Mount kenya and the whole regeion is very fertile, well watered and thickly forested. Nevertheless, a doubling of the population during the past 25 years has put huge pressure on the natural resources and deforestation has become a serious problem, not only for the animals dependant of this habitat, but also for humans as it results in dimishishing water catchment areas and increased soil erosion.

Rainbow at Thompsons Falls
Rainbow at Thompsons Falls

Some of the bigger towns in the region is Nyeri, Nyahururu, Nanyuki and Rumuruti. On the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya lies Meru, Chogoria and Embu.

Baglafecht Weaver on a pole
A Baglafecht Weaver awaits some left-overs from the tourists at Thompsons Falls

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