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Education and Health

Boy showing he is strong and healthy

A boy strikes his hand out in front of him while holding a syringe

Health care is another sector where urgent interference is required. With deep and widespread poverty in Ethiopia, healthcare is in shambles. Illnesses like malaria, typhoid, cholera, Aids and other diseases are common in Ethiopia and Life expectancy at birth m/f is only 53/56 years. There are hospitals and cliniques in almost every larger town and medicinal treatment is cheap for a westerner but can be extremely expensive for an Ethiopian.

Street merchant in Addis Ababa

Street merchant in Addis Ababa

Education should be made a top priority by the government. Much more important, the people should be made aware on why they need to be educated. When appeasing your hunger becomes your primary concern, education takes a back seat. Hence, awareness should be created on the role of education in alleviating poverty.

Boy in Harar

Boy in Harar

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