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About 24 km to the south of Malindi lies Watamu, a small fishing village that is sheltered behind three separate coves divided from one another by eroded limestone Islands. At low tide each of the bays becomes a broad wide strand and it is possible to walk to the nearby islands and take a swim on the way in the crystal clear turqoise sea. Despite major development of the surroundings of Watamu into holiday resorts and private beach bungalows, the original village is still the centre of local fishermen and their boats with their characteristic sails adds great charm to the beautiful lagoon.

Photo © Mikkel Alexander Grabowski

Watamu beach seen from the rooftop of one of the guesthouses in Watamu. Originally Watamu was just a small fishing village but during the past 20-30 years many new houses have been built and a big supermarket in Watamu now caters for the needs of an increasing number of people. Photo © Mikkel Alexander Grabowski

Watamu has wonderful beaches and it has a very laid back atmosphere – perfect for a relaxing holiday. Also there are many interesting places to visit if you want to explore; Mida Creek, Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Gede Ruins and other attractions on the coast are within easy access from Watamu. Also you can walk about 3 km down the beach (or take a boda boda along the road) where you will reach the end of the peninsula forming the entrance/exit of a large bay leading to Mida Creek.

Coral rock formations exposed at low tide

 Lit by the moon, limestone formations, carved by the sea into artistic shapes stands exposed at low tide in Watamu Beach. Photo © Mikkel Alexander Grabowski

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